Blow-outs don’t always have to be associated with silkpresses and thermal styling. Blow-outs with proper preparation, the right products and tools are a great way to prep your hair for your styles. Take advantage of our Blowvember offering!¬† Same premium services with a new outlook for the start of the holiday season!

  • ¬†Under-hair Care (for those that are wearing wig units.)
  • Simple Six Up-Do (no more than 6 braids or twists. No added-hair.)
  • No Pretending – Just Extending Clip-in Installs. (Must be Her Given Hair. See info in “Her Given Hair” section of this website.)
  • Regal Roll Crowned Up-do. (Tuck and Pin Up-do. Great for Events.)
  • Cornrow Me Up! Keep It Simple with a few non-added hair cornrows.

Service Includes:

Mini Detox Treatment, Express Aquatic Mist Hydration Treatment, Blow-out and styling.

*Please note: Excessively tangled hair and/or hair that has oil/butter and silicone build-up will incur an additional charge. Trims/cuts/shapings are not included.

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