What salon services does Coiled offer? 

Coiled salon offers services exclusively and inclusively catering to women who wish to be educated on caring for and loving their hair in it's natural state without the use of chemicals and thermal "remedies" to "tame" what naturally grows.

Will my curls look like actual curls?

Your curls will be revealed with a healthy and hydrated routine. Results will be dependent on current condition of your hair. Have you worn braids, installs (weave, crochet and added hair) for quite some time?  The process of attaining healthy and hydrated hair and retaining length is a journey. Those that are currently wearing their hair in it's natural state and have a consistent regimen will find it easy to transition to the customized recommended weekly "Wash Hour" routine. Coiled is here to get you started and coach you along the way!  Most new guests are amazed by their results at the end of the appointment. With work on both our parts and adopting a consistent regimen will lead you to your hair goals.

Does Coiled Cut Hair? If so, what method of cutting is used?

Yes, we offer cutting services. In fact, first time clients are required to get their hair cut whether it is a trim, trim, cut, Big-Chop or a reshaping. Lavida is Deva Advanced trained stylist (Academy standard and original curl-by-curl method) and recently Cut It Kinky trained stylist.  The method of cutting and technique is dependent on hair texture, length, condition and lifestyle. The technique used will be based on current condition of hair and ultimately how guest would like to wear their hair.

I would just like a trim, a blow-out and/or a simple style how much would this service cost? 

Coiled is a full-service salon and does not offer ala carte.  Some additional premium add-on luxuries can scheduled however the services offered prepares the foundation for the styling.  Our stylists start with a clean-slate to ensure that the style chosen has longevity.

Why has Coiled discontinued Consultations?!

We have found it to be pretty difficult to assess the hair in 15-30 minutes and truly give and overall evaluation of your hair. During your initial appointment we will evaluate overall texture pattern (most people have several), porosity, surface texture, density, choose a Coiled Cut method based on what you are comfortable incorporating in your routine and tailored product selections.

I think my friend would love to experience this salon too! Could she tag along with me?

Coiled is a Salon and Retail space. We'd love for you to come in and shop for hair products at your leisure. Please come at any time (well during business hours).  However,  we are unable to accommodate tandem appointments on a "two-for-one".  Our stylists have a one-on-one, hands-on approach and education lesson customized for each guest. It is best to schedule both appointments together.  This is a great way to watch each other's service.

Coiled Salon has a pretty steep price tag. Why does it cost so much and what does this salon offer that others do not? 

Ouch! Our prices are pretty on par to other salons. We cultivate our services to include premium treatments to set the foundation for your haircare. These services are not optional (al la carte add-ons), they are standard. Coiled is constantly continuing education, researching and constantly adding new products, tools and services to ensure that all of their guests' tresses are the best curls in the Capital Region.

I love your work and your philosophy on Natural haircare but you are so far from where I live! Do you have any recommendations?

We'd love for you to visit! We have several guests that live over 3 hours away that travel to come see us. If you are unable to travel, no worries! Check out our Black Girl Curl Directory!