Your session is in a small and intimate space. Each guest is scheduled for the "one-on-one" experience and it can become VERY distracting and time-consuming when family, friends and children are with you. If your partner is accompanying you with a small child please have them plan to be with child at another location. Prior approval for ONE guest to accompany you is REQUIRED. They MUST be seated in the waiting area. A prior guest may be in attendance completing their appointment. Children, unfortunately, are not permitted because of free-roaming throughout salon, unsafe equipment and salon liability. Concurrent scheduling is available for tandem-booking for multiple family-members (above the age of 12). . If arrangements are unable to be met, rescheduling is recommended. POLICY IS ENFORCED (8/05/19)! Please note that 24 hour Cancellation policy applies. See below.


Services, applying to up-do and added-hair services only, may be changed within 72 hours of scheduled appointment. We will try to accommodate you. Owner/Stylist discretion.


Current Curly Wearers - Arrive with hair detangled, free of knots, hairties, "pull-backs", headbands, ponytails, brush/comb manipulation and hats, present in it's curly state.  1-3 Day Hair should suffice. You may style your hair with current products void of EXCESSIVE oil and silicone-laden products. Your hair will be shaped/cut/trimmed first. Detoxification, hydration treatments, Extended scalp massage and styling will follow.

Please note excessive tangles and knots will carry a fee at the rate of $15/15 min.. $30/30 min, etc.  If raw oils, butters, pomades, silicones are present your seddion may require an Intensive Detoxification treatment at the rate of $75+ (depending on hair density).  Do not brush, comb or rake through curls after styling (to prevent the stretching of curls). Wearing ponytails, pulling hair back, headbands may result in the rescheduling of your appointment. It is best to style hair 2 days prior to appointment.

"4-Type" Hair/Natural Hair wearers / Twist/Braid-outs/Roller/Rod-sets/ etc - Please come with hair detangled and loose. Refrain from wearing ponytails, headbands, pull-backs, twists and braids. Stretched overnight with loose chunky twists on fully detangled hair. Please contact us with questions.



Some situations are beyond human control and cancellations may occur outside of 24 hours. Coiled is a specialty salon and there are others that desire to book with us, so please take consideration when cancelling/rescheduling.  A 24 hours advance notice is required for cancellation. Outside of these hours you will be required to pay 100% of scheduled service(s) rate(s). Multiple consecutive cancellations will not be allowed to re-book.


ALL bookings receive an appointment confirmation and multiple automatic appointment reminders. If you need to cancel or reschedule in an emergency, within reason please call/text (518)348-9791. “No-Shows” appointments will NOT be allowed to rebook. Please note that you will be charged 100% of your scheduled appointment.


Traffic, accidents, stuck at the office, children and family…life.  An allotment of 15 minutes will be given for arrival to your scheduled appointment. After the 16th minute you will be charged $25, after 20 minutes we may still be able to service you (along with a late fee of $50) but this is at is owner’s discretion. A wait may be required.


Salon is located at 1305 Nott Street, Schenectady, NY 12308 on the corner (near Five Star Cleaners) of Nott St and Oneida St.  Please note that Oneida is a one-way street and parking is in rear of bldg.  Please DO NOT park in the Oneida Middle School lot (you will be towed) nor in side parking lot.  That is designated for cleaners but you may park at this lot outside of their business hours. Street parking is also available on neighboring streets.