Curlscovery - For New guests or our Curls who are returning after 9 months +.
This is where you discover YOUR curl, your routine, your product cocktail and what it takes to maintain your hair on the road to healthy and hydrated hair.

MINI - Those already rocking a "twa", short hair and may need a little shaping and a new routine.

Customized Coiled Cut - Customized Curl by curl, (wavy and larger curls will be feather-tipped) and curl grouping cut for overall symmetry in your style. (Cut It Kinky, Deva Curl Advanced and curl industry trained stylist.) Technique will be determined by how you plan on wearing your hair 80% of the time.

Intensive Detox Treatment -Removes build-up from oil/butter/silicones/petroleum. Processed under Aquatic Mister 15  - 25 minutes.

Premium Mini Detoxification Treatment - Removes build-up and resets hydration absorption.

Aquatic Hydration Restorative Treatment - Specialized conditioning cocktail chosen based on texture, porosity and overall condition of your hair treated under the Aquatic Mister.

Specialized Product Usage Guide - Hands-on instruction on which products to use as well as the amount and suggested schedule.

Hydrate and Define -"Wash and Go" is never a two step process. Here is where you learn the proper way to ace your Hydrate & Define efficiently for your curl type.

Coil - OutSetting Hair after being thoroughly clarified with braids, twists or a combination of both.  (Great for tighter curls and those that are transitioning out of heat damage and/ or relaxer.

Wet Set  - Hydrate & Define, Twist and/or Braid Out, Rods or rollers ... set wet!

Bond Strengthening Treatment - Revitalizes and rebuilds your broken hair bonds caused by thermal treatments, mechanical damage (pulling, tugging and wearing hair back) and mild chemical treatments.

Up-Style - Tuck and roll, twists, braids, flat twists, roller and/or rod set combo. It all starts here.